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Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad – A Gateway of New Opportunities and Development

One often wonders how 20-25-year-old students have the courage to move to a new country. Adjusting to an unfamiliar environment, working part-time to pay bills and brainstorming 24/7, all while living over 5000 km away from your family! Sounds like a task that’s not for the faint-hearted, doesn’t it?. Studying, or rather living, abroad is not a cakewalk, and yet a plethora of Indian students travel to their international university ever year, to begin their first year of MS, MBA, etc.. We often hear a foreign degree aspirant claim, “Because my friends are going abroad to study.” Or, “Because my...

Acceptance Letter

Acceptance Letter – The key to my Dream University/ A Scroll of Hope

And there it was—in a neat envelope with University of Florida written boldly in blue and white, her decision letter! The result of three years of planning, studying and working relentlessly were in her hand, waiting to be opened. She reminisced about her journey, right from browsing university webpages, to sending out her application. “Didn’t you hear? Aadesh got into to the University of Texas! I knew he was bound for great things since his first words. Kiara ka kya plan hai ab?” The last six words in that specific order were enough to startle Malati Mishra, Kiara’s mother. And...

Learning the Importance

Learning the Importance of Education Related Insurance Products

After being accepted into the university of her dreams, Kiara’s life had been too hectic for her to handle. From filling scholarship applications to consulting a financial advisor, she could imagine herself entering the university. She decided to consult a financial advisor, who would help her with loan selection. She didn’t have to worry much about that. However, she was worried about accommodation. Kiara was baffled by the numerous choices of accommodation available on the university website. She expected a dormitory building, but there were a series of dorm buildings, rental apartments, rental houses, etc. She realized how each had...

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