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Admission Counselling

Post Covid Environment

The Post Covid world has created challenges for Study Abroad aspirants due to evolving immigration and visa policies, economic uncertainties and geo-political changes. This calls for a new approach to planning your Higher Education.

USA and Canada are not always the only or best options. Multiple new themes are emerging:

  • UK offers good value, great quality of education and promising visa and career opportunities
  • Australia is one of the countries least affected by Covid and could experience quick economic recovery.
  • Singapore is likely to benefit from the recent Chinese clampdown in Hong Kong

The “Cost vs Quality” balance will help
choose the right Country and University for Higher Education. Expensive Private Universities are unlikely to offer a viable
Return on Investment. Moderately Priced, Quality Universities will be the sweet spot.

The Enrizon Admissions Approach

Enrizon offers comprehensive Career and Study Abroad Counselling Services to help students achieve their Academic and Career

At Enrizon we listen first. Once we understand your Experience, Credentials and Goals, we work closely with you to form a tailored Higher Education Plan and Application Strategy that emphasizes your key strengths and standout qualities. We coach you to develop a clear vision of your Academic and Career Goals.

Your Enrizon Counsellor becomes a stakeholder in your Long Term Career Success – a mentor who can cut across all the clutter and help you make the right decisions about Countries, Universities and Programs.

The Enrizon Advantage
  • Enrizon is a Career Counsellor and NOT a Study Abroad Agent

  • Proprietary 5 Point Framework to make right decisions on Country, University & Program

  • Comprehensive Services: Profile Building + Country & University Selection + Test Prep + Application Strategy + Applications Documentation + Education Financing + Visa Counselling

  • We take a Holistic View and are not constrained by Geography – We help you plan your Higher Education in more than 20 Countries

  • On Ground Teams in places like US – unbiased and verified information on current trends & situation

  • Unique Profile Building Products – Career Assessment Tests, Summer Schools, International Internships, etc