Early Advice for Study Abroad: Enrizon Mumbai

Early Advising

Enrizon’s Early Advising Service is perfect for Parents and Families who have kids in Grade 7-11 who want more information or clarity on board and subject choices, different education systems abroad, education costs and the value of advance planning.
Standalone Sessions

General Counselling Session:

  • For Parents and Students
  • 60 minutes session to get any education related questions answered

Profile Development Session:

  • 120 minutes session for students from Grade 7-11
  • Topics covered – Curriculum and Subject Selection, Skill Enhancement Workshops, Test Preparation Strategy
  • Customized Road Map
Comprehensive Mentorship


  • Advice on Board and Subject Selection

  • Supplementary Courses

  • Standardized Testing Schedule

Skills Enhancement

  • Advice on Academic Workshops (STEM, Critical Thinking)

  • Advice on Personal Development Workshops

  • Referring Appropriate Service Providers

Higher Education Planning

  • Resume Creation

  • College Research & Visits Assistance

  • Catch Up Sessions

Profile Building

  • Summer Planning (summer schools, internships, community service)

  • Academic & Extracurricular Exploration

  • Passion Projects