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Education is an Investment
in Your Future

Enrizon helps you achieve your Dream Education by getting admitted to the Best Universities across the World and by securing the best Education Loan option at the Lowest Rate of Interest on Most Favourable Terms.

Why Choose Enrizon?

The Best Overseas Education Consultant in Mumbai


Enrizon derives from ‘Education’, ‘Rise’ and ‘Horizon’, because we believe that Education gives all of us the power to Rise above all odds in order to expand our Horizons. Enrizon is one of India’s leading Study Abroad & Career Counselling Service Provider.
Our Proprietary Admissions Platform and Matching Algorithm ensures that you Secure Admission in Universities that are ideal for your profile and also maximize your Long Term Employment and Visa Opportunities.
Our Education Loan Platform provides you access to Education Loans at the Lowest Interest Rates starting at 2% for USA, and 8% for Other Countries. Many of our Education Loan options do not require any security / collateral. Some of our Education Loan options do not require a co-signer / co-borrower. We help you achieve your Foreign Education Dreams!

Why choose Enrizon for Study Abroad Counselling?

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Enrizon is a Career Counsellor and NOT a Study Abroad Agent

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Holistic View not constrained by Geography – We help you plan your Higher Education in more than 20 Countries

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Proprietary 5 Point Framework to make right decisions on Country, University & Program

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Unique Profile Building Products –Career Assessment Tests, Summer Schools, International Internships, etc

Why choose Enrizon for your Education Loan?

We Listen to YOU! Our Recommendations are Suited to your Requirements and Circumstances

Lowest Interest Rates - Starting at 2% per year

No Collateral! Many of our Education Loan Options do not require Collateral or Security

Simple and Fast Processing! Loan Approvals in 2 to 5 Days

We Listen to YOU! Our Recommendations are Suited to your Requirements and Circumstances

Lowest Interest Rates – Starting at 2% per year

No Collateral! Many of our Education Loan Options do not require Collateral or Security

Simple and Fast Processing! Loan Approvals in 2 to 5 Days

Study Abroad Services to Achieve Your Dreams

Enrizon is one of India’s leading overseas education consultants. Whether it is a master’s degree abroad, an MBA degree abroad or your undergraduate education abroad, we take a holistic view of your academic aspiration and match your profile to the best country, university and program.
As a study abroad consultant, Enrizon appreciates that every student is different and needs a bespoke approach to help them meet their academic aspirations:


Undergraduate Aspirants –

Students aspiring for bachelors from Ivy League universities across the world need a focused approach to build a holistic overall profile to complement their academic achievements. Enrizon’s Early Advising Service helps students and their parents chalk out a tailored profile development plan to maximize their chances of admit to leading universities. Enrizon’s Study Abroad Counselling service also works with students to put together an application strategy including working on essays to articulate their profile in the strongest possible manner.


Masters Aspirants –

For masters abroad for Indian students, the key considerations, in addition to getting into a good university, are visa success and education finance. In addition to study abroad counselling, as a top education consultant in Mumbai, Enrizon also offers a Student Visa Counselling Service and Student Loan Advisory Service to our students.


MBA Aspirants –

For students aiming for MBA abroad from Top Universities, the key factors are choosing the right universities and building an essay strategy to articulate their personal and professional achievements and their future goals and aspirations. As a leading study abroad consultant for MBA students, we work with our students to put together a university wise application strategy and then work with them on a successful implementation of the application strategy.


A top class Foreign Education is a dream for many but it needs focus and strategy to achieve the best possible outcome for every student. Enrizon partners with you to help you achieve your goals. Connect with us on or +91 9830043381 to discuss your Study Abroad goals.

Our Students Trust Us

“Like most students, I was unsure of which consultancy to approach but I’m glad I chose ENRIZON because they made everything super smooth for me. My counsellor, a wonderful person, guided me through the process right from the scratch. From selecting universities to ensuring I got my Visa, he worked relentlessly to make it all happen! A big thumbs up!.”


Attending MS in Computer Science at New York University

“My cousin is doing a Masters from the USA. She had taken a loan from an Indian lender for her first semester. However, when the time came for the disbursement of the loan for her second semester, the lender didn’t disburse the loan in time for several reasons. They kept delaying it which eventually led to nothing. That’s when Enrizon came to her rescue. Within a week of contacting them, not only did they complete all formalities and paperwork without any hassle but also got the loan disbursed from a financial institution in the US in no time. Kudos to team Enrizon for being so co-operative and helpful!”


Attending MS in Electrical Engineering at University of Pennsylvania

“At Enrizon, they really have an amazing understanding of the scenario abroad; and not just information on the programs and courses, but also a very good understanding of the job situation in various parts of the world. They even helped me with the different options offered for Education Loans abroad which are extremely student friendly. Thank you team Enrizon”


Attending MS in Business Analytics at Arizona State University

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