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Albert Einstein once said, “The value of a college education is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think”

A multitude of students do not consider Foreign Education opportunities due to the high cost of tuition fees, living expenses, etc. However, various Education Loan options are now available and accessible to students to realise their Foreign Education dreams. A Foreign Education is an investment towards a successful and fulfilling life – The right Education Loan puts that investment within your reach!
Enrizon offers a wide range of Study Abroad Education Loans, including Loans Without Collateral and completely Unsecured Education Loans. We have Education Loan options for different countries including United States of America (USA), Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates (UAE), New Zealand and many more.
Enrizon offers Education Loans for all levels of education ranging from Undergraduate and Graduate degrees to Doctoral (PhD) and Post-Doctoral programs. Loans are available for conventional specializations like Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronics, Data Analytics, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, etc and also for non-conventional specializations like Culinary Education, Economics, Fashion Design, Journalism, etc.
Whether your interest lies in Programming Robots, Designing Colossal Buildings, or in creating a Fashion Revolution, we have got an Education Loan option for you!
Loan Options USD Loan (With Cosigner) USD Loan (Unsecured) Loan Options Loan Options
Eligible Countries United States United States All Countries United States, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Australia
Rate of Interest 3.5% to 6.5% 11.99% Graduate 9.5% to 12.5% 10.5% to 13.5%
13.99% Undergraduate
Collateral Required No No Yes No
Maximum Loan Amount Tuition Fees + Living Expenses USD 25K per Semester Tuition Fees + Living Expenses USA – Rs 50 Lakhs, Other Countries – Rs 20 Lakhs
Repayment Period 5-20 years 10 years 10 years 10 years
Processing Fees 1.25% Upto 5% Upto 1% Upto 1%

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