Learning the Importance of Education Related Insurance Products

Learning the Importance of Education Related Insurance Products

Learning the Importance

After being accepted into the university of her dreams, Kiara’s life had been too hectic for her to handle. From filling scholarship applications to consulting a financial advisor, she could imagine herself entering the university. She decided to consult a financial advisor, who would help her with loan selection. She didn’t have to worry much about that.

However, she was worried about accommodation. Kiara was baffled by the numerous choices of accommodation available on the university website. She expected a dormitory building, but there were a series of dorm buildings, rental apartments, rental houses, etc. She realized how each had its own benefits and limitations.

Living in a house? Independence but with security concerns. Living in a rental apartment? A very social experience but with humongous bills to pay. Living in a dorm? Limited choice of roommates and dearth of personal space. Yet, the proximity to the campus outweighs the limitations. She decided to proceed with the dormitory option. And then came the choices for payment of accommodation fees.

Then it finally struck her. She hadn’t even thought about insurance! It was a whole new concept for 22-year old Kiara. Travel insurance, health insurance, loan insurance. Each with its own array of options and of course, terms and conditions. Travel insurance – in case of misplaced baggage, cancellation/rescheduling of flights, and other travel-related risks. Kiara had a habit of imagining the worst possible situations, and horrifying thoughts of misplacing her passport flashed in her mind. Even though she was a responsible person, she knew travel insurance was essential.

Health insurance- in case of any illness or accidents. She read that international medical bills are enough to burn a hole in one’s pocket. She thought how the root cause of someone’s bankruptcy may have been an ankle sprain. Kiara noticed how health insurance was a mandate for nearly all universities, including hers.

Loan insurance. Wait, what? Loans need to be insured, too? After reading the details about loan insurance, to protect the cosigner in case of unforeseen circumstances, she decided to proceed with it.

Kiara realized that insurance had significant rates of interest, which meant added expenses. But insurance provides a safety net for any unpredicted events. Though there may be surprises during the degree period, she knew that she could rely on insurance to help her out. So that she may be greeted by only pleasant surprises during the course of her degree.

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